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14 Mar 2018

Mazangani Solutions (NPC) invites all interested entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the life- and bio-sciences disciplines to submit expressions of interest to attend a virtual seminar and  Capacity Building Training Programme on the Successful Commercialisation of Biosciences Products and Services. Through this training intervention Mazangani Solutions offers a comprehensive course on the practicalities of commercialising products and/or services in Biosciences, including Food industry, Agriculture, Agroprocessing, Chemical and Biotechnology industries. Download Course Programme Outline

14 Mar 2018

Commercialisation of Intellectual Property is the final step in the invention and discovery process and is the necessary step to extracting value from investment in Research and Development. The skills required for successful commercialisation are often not easily available to aspiring entrepreneurs with life- and biosciences background – these skills are completely different from any that would have been developed in the course of training as a scientist.

Sustainability of commercial ventures (start-ups) in biosciences is a long process with many challenges. Most technology start-ups need to keep their cost down as low as possible and can typically not afford the laboratory infrastructure, and salaries for full time scientific and/or business resources.  In this “boot-strapped” environment many mistakes are made, wrong partnerships are entered into and often quality suffers due to lack of appropriate resources. Download Course Programme and Expression of Interest.

The course will be presented in modules and will include

  • Identification of new product or service commercialisation opportunities

  • Assessment of the viability of a commercial venture

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • What contracts do you need and how to negotiate good terms

  • How to start a company

  • Operations and Key Decisions

  • Marketing your Company

  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership Coaching & Mentorship

  • Dealing with Failure.


The course will be held in June 2018,You are invited to submit an Expression of Interest, indicating your intention to take advantage of this offer by completing the Expression of Interest (EOI) and sending this with a copy of your resume to

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