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Mazangani Solutions NPC

Mazangani Solutions is a not-for-profit company and our founders each have over 30 years of experience in enterprise development and support and in the establishments of new industry value chains.  Collectively we have extensive experience in commercialisation, agroprocessing value chains, bioprospecting and all the associated regulatory and intellectual property aspects.

We offer our services across the African continent to support enterprise development and creation of new industry value chains.  We offer capacity building services and will assist any public entity or government department or any small enterprise to create new economic wealth and eradicate poverty, inequality and unemployment on our continent.

Our Team
Tshidi Moroka, Director & Founder
Anati Canca, Director & Founder 

Tshidi Moroka is a passionate driver of socioeconomic and enterprise development empowering communities and eradicating poverty and unemployment.  She is an expert in indigenous knowledge systems and a seasoned practitioner of the access and benefit share principles  as outlined in the Nagoya protocol.  She is a specialist in agroprocessing, food sciences and nutrition. She holds a degree in Food Science and Nutrition.

Anati Judith Canca is an innovation expert with a passion for socioeconomic development.  She is a seasoned strategist and executive leader that has devoted her career to forge an environment in which the benefits of scientific research not only enhance competitiveness but improve the life for all citizens on the African continent.  Anati holds a Masters degree in Technology Management and is certified in Executive Coaching.

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Stephanus Marais, Director & Founder

Stephanus Marais is a commercialisation and intellectual property expert.  He is also a process chemist and has a passion for setting up technology-based companies that support economic growth and job creation on the continent.  He is a forerunner in structuring licence deals, valuation of technology and IP portfolios in terms of financial return, risk and uncertainty and the drafting of bankable business plans.  He received his Masters degree in Organic Chemistry (cum laude) from the University of Pretoria and also obtained a Masters of Business Administration degree (cum laude) from the same institution.

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